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Latest Releases
Hertz’s Experiment and Planck’s Hypothesis,Hertz’s Experiment on Radio Waves
Hertz’s Experiment and Planck’s Hypothesis From Ideas to Implementation
Year 12 Physics
solubility rules for ionic substances
Solubility Water
Year 11 Chemistry
specific heat capacity and energy changes in chemical reactions, heat changes during dissolution of salts in water
Year 11 Chemistry
forms of energy and the origins of fossil fuels
Year 11 Chemistry
the historical and contemporary uses of metals and alloys
Year 11 Chemistry
solute, solvent and solutions, water as a solvent, water distribution
Year 11 Chemistry
petroleum refining, the production of ethylene & petroleum fractions, ethylene and petrochemicals
Petroleum Refining Production of Materials
Year 12 Chemistry
balancing chemical equations and separation of mixtures
Classification of Matter Chemical Earth
Year 11 Chemistry
Inequalities,Quadratic Inequalities
Inequalities Basic Arithmetic and Algebra
Year 11 Mathematics Extension 1
historical development of understanding of electron transfer reactions
Ocean as an Electrolyte Shipwrecks and Salvage
Year 12 Chemistry