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March, 2012

Prime News

What do Unis, iPhones and Prime Helper’s Friends have in common?

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They can all access our Online Video Lessons!

Several universities have asked us if they can host Prime videos in their libraries.
We are thrilled that these unis recognise the high standards of what we do. So we are now offering our services to unis, TAFES, and high schools across Australia. Prime could be visiting a library near you!

Of course, Prime videos are always on the move since you can watch them via iPhone. And what new stuff can you access this March? There are free Ext 2 Maths resources up, and video workbooks that you can buy to boost your study of video lesson topics. And there are heaps of new videos in the following series:

  Representation and Text Ext 2 Integration
  ESL Belonging Area of Study for Year 11 English
  Acidic Environment Area of Study for Year 11 ESL
  Ext 2 Conics  

This is great news for friends of Prime Helper, as we will be giving Birthday Vouchers to our friends which give them 10 free days of access to Prime Videos

It’s never too late to make a friend.

Check out free English preview

Year 11 English - Area of Study

  • Introduction of Area of Study for Year 11
  • Australian History and Literature
  • Comprehension and Short Answers
  • Writing a Thematic Essay
  • Essay Practice and Additional Material
  • Creative Responses
  • Revision

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