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Tegan Schetrumpf | English
Masters of Letters (Creative Writing)
Tegan has 9 years of experience teaching English Extension, Advanced, Standard and ESL and mentoring Extension 2 English. Her main role includes... find more
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Skryznrvki's Poetry Romulus My Father The Crucible
Ludi Ge | Mathematics
Ludi has 7 years of experience teaching HSC Mathematics for various programs and colleges, specialising in coaching junior students who are... find more
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Increasing Decreasing Numerical Estimation Simple Harmonic Motion
Dr.Rachael Dolman | Chemistry
Ph.D. in Chemistry, Bachelor of Science (Honours), Bachelor of Teaching Secondary Science, Chemistry, Biology and History and Philosophy of Science
Rachael has industry experience at the SCIRO... find more
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Indicators Le Chatelier’s Principle Petroleum Refining
Dakshi Weerasinghe | Chemistry
Masters of Electrical Engineering
Dakshi’s academic accomplishments include the Katharine Rickards Award for Achievement in Science and the Macquarie University Award for Academic Excellence... find more
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Proton Donors Historical Theories of Acids and Bases Metals History
Hope Williams | English
Combined Bachelor of Arts and Law
Hope is a bright and enthusiastic presenter with an excellent HSC record. With 4 state rankings including 2nd in... find more
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Swallow the air Editing your Essay Rabbit Proof Fence
Paul Anderson | Physics
Bachelor of Advanced Science
Paul’s academic accomplishments include a High Distinction from Rio Tinto Big Science Competition, and a High Distinction from the Australian Science Olympiad in Physics... find more
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Diffraction Electron Movement Laws of Reflection
Sadika Krinton | Chemistry
Bachelor of Advanced Science, Diploma of Education
Sadika is the recipient of the prestigious Macquarie University International Scholarship... find more
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Role of Chemists Water Distribution
Catherine Koh | Mathematics
Actuarial Studies
Catherine has 6 years of experience teaching junior and HSC Mathematics. She has professional experience in advanced statistical mathematics... find more
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Further Quadratics Probability 52 Cards Surface Area
Waka Yanagisawa | Mathematics
Waka has 4 years of experience teaching Mathematics, specialising in coaching and one-on-one... find more
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Trigonometric Graphs Circles and Small Angles Radian Measurement
Dr.Francesca Tang | Chemistry
Ph.D. in Medicine, Bachelor of Science
Francesca is particularly experienced in medical applications of Chemistry which is a vital part of the HSC... find more
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Heat Capacity and Energy Change Solubility rules for ionic substances Forms of Energy
Fred Koh | Mathematics
Bachelor of Science, majoring in Mathematics and Statistics Fred has over 35 years of experience teaching Mathematics at the highest levels. He is the founder of Prime... find more
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Ellipse Eccentricity Harder Integrations Slicing Method
Joshua Tang | Chemistry
Bachelor of Engineering in Renewable Energy Resources
Joshua’s academic accomplishments include making the Dean’s Honour Roll in 2010 and 2011... find more
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Frasch Process Making Soap World Resources
Tim Herring | English
Bachelor of Education
Tim has over seven years of experience in teaching and English tuition. He has designed English curriculum... find more
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The Fiftieth Gate The Great Gatsby John Donne’s Poetry